Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have one Mommy,
and she’s so pretty.

I have one Daddy,
sometimes he can be silly.

We have one cat in the house.
Her name is Badut and she’s afraid of the mouse!

I have one xylophone named Rainbow,
Oh how I love the sound… Ting, pang, tung, pow!

I have one sheep doll.
He produces funny noises that make me go LOL.

I only have one tiny tooth now,
But I will have plenty tomorrow.

I have one red and green princess hood,
I also have one blue and brown elf hat.
Auntie Amel and Angie knitted it for me, it’s so cute!
They really love me so bad, spoiling me like that!

Today I have been in this world for one whole year.
Mommy and Daddy are having one big party for me.
I have not only one but many people wish me,
“Happy Birthday, Dear!”
And I have not only one but a lot of presents, so I go, “squeee!”

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